Our team of engineers and fabricators will take any design, part or idea to the next level by sketching it with Solid works and creating a Proto type model with our 3d printers. We can also assist you with taking your idea to a workable creation. Using the latest software and technology on our 3D printers your idea will soon be a reality and even on the shelves. Our experience with 3D printing, fabrication, mass-production and packaging is offering you a one stop solution shop.

Electronic circuit designs are also one of our specialities to ensure your idea is cost effective and competitive in the market place. The company are in process of putting up a granulator division which means that soon we will be recycling our own raw material. By doing so we can proudly say we contribute and care about mother earth.

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Injection Molding

A 170 Ton plastic injection molding machine is available. The machine is currently injecting pre- forms for water bottles, but can be converted by only changing the molds.

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3D Printing

Making use of the latest technology around the software and hardware in this field makes it possible to create prospective client’s dreams into a reality. Currently printing is done with ABS and PET plastic filament, but as this is such an exploding emerging market, other materials becomes available on a regular basis. With the help of the 3D printer rare, decommissioned parts on old cars, machines and many more, can be printed. As our saying is “if you can draw it you can build it”

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Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting can be done on mild steel and aluminium up to 25mm thick and stainless steel up to 12mm thick. We can assist with the drawings as well.

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